Take FLYT with Dan Empfield

Take FLYT with Dan Empfield

Thanks to Dan Empfield from Slowtwitch.com for his in depth review of Profile Design's new FLYT Aerobars System. We are proud of the efforts our engineering team put in to redeveloping our aerobar lineup to make it a more streamlined, cohesive and uniform concept.  

"FLYT is PD's nomenclature for its aerobar system, and nomenclature has not always been its strong suit. You're probably used to the "T" designation: T1 thru 4 (extension shapes) that are either made of aluminum or carbon…said Dan. And in support of the new FLYT Systems Sonic brackets, Dan goes on to say, "The J2 bracket has sailed off into history. None too soon for me." 

Check out the full review at slowtwitch.com.

There's no doubt that bike fit can be a daunting task. Here at Profile Design we’ve been working over 30 years to not only simplify the process of fitting an aerobar to a rider, but to also expand the number of fit options possible to make sure every cyclist can be #fitforspeed! Through the analyzation of data  accumulated since Profile Design was incorporated in 1988 the FLYT System was born. Using a simple combination of 3 brackets, 3 armrests and 3 extensions, FLYT  gives fitters and riders 27 possible combinations to cover thousands of fit options.


Profile Design humbly invites you to take FLYT!