The new E-Pack

The new E-Pack

Our new E-pack features soft sides with a double zipper that allows you to access the large compartment. Perfect for stashing gels, snacks or anything else you can think of. The mesh pockets on the inside and outside are great for organising all those essentials.

The E-Pack is sturdy and robust and will hold its shape whether you mount it to the frame with zip ties or mounting bolts.

A: Splash-proof double zipper
B: Polyester 600/300 with welded seams
C: Front strap attachment
D: Mesh fabric pockets on both sides of the exterior
E: Large capacity
F: Two mesh fabric pockets inside the bag
G: Foam base to protect the frame and reduce noise
H: Compatible with bolt on mounting
I: Anti-slip base

Product Details
+ Weight: 92.5g
+ FPS: 3.85g
+ Cord Buckle: 0.75 g/ cord 2.7g/ zip tie 1.2g
+ Dimensions: 240mm x 90mm x 40mm
+ Capacity: 193.5ml
+ Bolt Spec: M5