43 SLC Carbon Extensions

  • 43 SLC Carbon Extensions
  • 43 SLC Carbon Extensions
  • 43 SLC Carbon Extensions
  • 43 SLC Carbon Extensions
  • 43 SLC Carbon Extensions

43 SLC Carbon Extensions


The Super Light Carbon (SLC) series brings the low weight of the 35C + to our standard carbon extensions. 

Improvements in manufacturing allow us to upgrade our carbon extensions for lower weight and the ability to fit Di2 parts inside using the Aeroport.


The sole purpose of extensions is to provide a comfortable position for the riders hands relative to the armrests. They enhance performance by allowing the rider to relax into their optimal position.  Which is why we provide different fit options so each rider can chase their best performance.

Fit Data

  • Extension Shape: The 43 slc extensions offer a 43 deg ski bend shape. 

  • The 43 slc offer a 7.5mm lateral shift per side.  This allows the rider to get their hands narrower or wider without tilting the extensions so much that the shifters touch.

  • They are 400mm long and can be cut to size to suit nearly every rider.
  • They are drilled for rear-exit cable routing.


    Recent Trends in aerobar fit have been towards higher hand positions, so we've increased the rise compared to previous generation extensions.  We have focused on the most popular angles from our previous range and added the 45/25c as a multi position option. The 45/25 slc was developed to deliver both the lightest possible
    carbon extension and to offer riders of high end bikes the ability to use
    our Aeroport Di2 adaptor with a carbon extension. Extensive testing
    was required to achieve this target.

      Who is it for?

      The extensions will fit in any aerobar that is designed for 22.2mm.  So can be used by any rider wishing to improve the comfort of their aerobar grips.


      These extensions were designed with the Aeroport in mind, so they can fit a Shimano Di2 EW-RS910 junction box and BT-DN110 battery with room for an EW-SD50 cable to pass through. 

      • Extension Length: 400mm
      • Extension Angle: 45 Degrees / 25 Degrees 
      • Outer Diameter: 22.2mm
      • Includes: Sold as a Pair (1 Right and 1 Left Extension)
      • Construction: Carbon
      • Colors: Matte Black
      • Weight: 142g/pair