39AH Aluminum Extensions

  • 39AH Aluminum Extensions
  • 39AH Aluminum Extensions
  • 39AH Aluminum Extensions
  • 39AH Aluminum Extensions
  • 39AH Aluminum Extensions

39AH Aluminum Extensions


The 39AH is intended to be paired with our pad wadges to convert non-tilting aerobars to have a 10° or 15° of tilt.  The name means 39°, aluminium high rise.

The extension angle starts at 54° and when adding a 15° pad wedge, balances the angle out to 39° (54°-15°=39°).  Likewise when paring with a 10° wedge you get a total of 44° (54-10°=44°).

The grip is long enough that it can be shortened for use with the 10° wedge.


The sole purpose of extensions is to provide a comfortable position for the riders hands relative to the armrests. They enhance performance by allowing the rider to relax into their optimal position.  Which is why we provide different fit options so each rider can chase their best performance.

Fit Data

  • Extension Shape: Aero shape like the other A-Series extensions it offers aero shaping in the rise section and a lateral offset for the grip.

  • The 39AH is a 54° bend and when paired with a 15° wedge brings it to 39°.

  • Use the 39AH with one of our pad wedge options and an Ergo+ or Race+ armrest to add tilt and comfort to a non-Profile Design aerobar.

* Note that the pad wedges are not compatible with Profile Design Brackets so the 39AH is not recommended for the use with Profile Design bars.

Tech Guide

  • All the extensions have a 22.2mm diameter in the clamping area.
  • They are designed for cables to be routed out the rear of the extensions so do not have cable exit holes.

Who is it for?

The extensions will fit in any aerobar that is designed for 22.2mm.  So can be used by any rider wishing to improve the comfort of their aerobar grips.

  • Extension Length: 365mm
  • Extension Angle: 39 Degrees
  • Extension Rise: 186mm (bottom to top)
  • Outer Diameter: 22.2mm
  • Offset: 15mm total
  • Includes: Sold as a Pair (1 Right and 1 Left Extension)
  • Construction: 6061-T6 aluminum, pre-drilled for bar-end shifter cable routing
  • Colors: Anodized Matte Black
  • Weight: 227g/pair