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Our new DRV/sizer bar has
been created to aid fitters
in setting up their clients
correctly. The bar allows the
width to be changed with
just the fl ip of a quick release,
additionally the shape of
the bar can be changed by
swapping in one of the other
DRV sizes.

You can now offer your client
the ability to trial different
handlebar widths and bar
drop options in just seconds,
rather than the laborious
process of swapping out a
complete bar. Ideal for fi t
bikes, it can also be used
on the riders current bike to
experiment with position.

With the success of our
industry leading DRV sizing
we wanted to make it easy
to choose the best one of
the nine available sizes. Of
course, allowing the rider to
trial the DRV bars will also help
you sell the bars as upgrades
after the fit.

The DRV range bars are available in
the following sizes:
• DRV-105 36, 38, 40, 42
• DRV-120 40, 42, 44
• DRV-135 42, 44, 46
The sizer bar allows you to trial all of
these to find the ideal size.

Our first DRV road bars came about
after we analysed the road bar market
and realised that there were no
products that offered a logical sizing
system that scaled all aspects of fi t to
the rider.
Once we had created the bars we
realised that there were no tools
available to fitters that offered similar
functionality to a fit bike. The logical
next step was to produce a sizing bar
that allows rapid changes of width
and drop/reach.

Early feedback has been extremely
positive – this will save time for fitters
and increase the level of service they
can offer in a fit.
Not compatible with clip on aerobars.
No cable routing grooves.

Any fitter or store who wishes to be
able to quickly trial different bar sizes
and shapes in order to provide a
better service to their customers.

Warning: This bar is not to be used outside a bike fit
setting. It may not be used for riding outdoors and is not
recommended to be used for indoor training.